Nevada Central Media, LLC

Ben Rowley
Alamo, Nevada

Creator and owner of Lincoln County Central, Nevada Central Media LLC helps businesses connect with customers and residents stay informed on important events and issues happening around them.

Website Design and Internet Marketing

We provide web design, marketing and consulting services to businesses and other organizations.  We assist you through the entire process of Internet marketing – creating a website, initiating a social media presence, and then maintaining and managing those assets to ensure they are achieving maximum reach.

Web Publications

We also create web publications that help connect communities.  These publications cover important local events and issues and provide a platform and voice for individuals and businesses.

We want these publications to energize communities by helping local businesses grow and residents stay informed and engaged.





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  1. Bill Hartman says:

    It’s time for a multi week story on the Kirstin Blaise Lobato issue.
    It all started with a lie in Pioche.
    Once again those sworn and paid to protect us has let us down.
    The truth has set her free… But at a price of 16 years.

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