Grover C. Dils Medical Center invites you to participate in their last Wellness Session for 2013 beginning on Aug. 5, and ending on Sept. 29. Everyone is welcome to participate. Please join us in hiking Lincoln County.

For this session, we will be tracking minutes.

You may participate as an individual or you may have a team of up to 6 members. We will do a per person average to make it fair.

We have 8 hikes throughout the county that we are encouraging you or your team to hike. We are hoping to introduce you to an area you are not familiar with. (We have some beautiful areas in our county.)

For each hike that you complete, you will be awarded with extra minutes. You will be able to count the minutes it takes you to do the hike and then you will add a bonus amount of minutes. Some hikes will be worth more bonus minutes than others. You may do these hikes more than once. Each hike will be from 1 mile up to 7 miles.

If you complete all 8 hikes you will be awarded with a bonus of extra minutes. You must complete each hike (not the same hike 8 times) to receive these bonus minutes.
You will report your minutes weekly.

Please call Sherlyn at 775-726-3171, ext 108 or Lynn at 775-726-3171, ext 144 for more information. Hike information will be available to you upon registration. You can sign up anytime but minutes will not count until Aug. 5.

May the best man, woman, or team win.