NV Energy has closed its temporary office in Caliente and in so doing has donated all the office furniture to Lincoln County.

County Building Director Cory Lytle moves filing cabinets onto his truck for transport to the old Panaca Elementary School building. NV Energy has closed its Caliente office and donated all the remaining office furniture, including desks, chairs, and cubicles to the County. (Dave Maxwell photo)

NV Energy has closed its temporary office in Caliente and in so doing has donated all the office furniture to Lincoln County.

Mark Severts and Linda Bissett, both of NV Energy, were on hand Aug. 29 to help County Building Director Cory Lytle empty out the Caliente office and take the items for storage to the Panaca Town Center, formerly the old Panaca Elementary School.

Severts said as NV Energy was the lead for the power line while it was moving through Lincoln County, “We had crews that were in this office, doing various inspections and quality insurance on the line, and rather than move all this furniture back to Las Vegas, we thought we would just donate it to the county. I understand there might be a need with new offices possibly going into rooms at the town center, and we are delighted it can be put to use there.”

Severts said NV Energy first approached County Commissioner Kevin Phillips and asked for his recommendation as to where to donate the furniture. “He said the timing was perfect for their needs with the changing of the uses of the Panaca Elementary building.”

Items donated included 12 chairs, three upright five-drawer filing cabinets, 11 cubicle work surfaces; 21 cubicle panels of various sizes; four cubicle shelves; four desk cabinet/drawer combos; one folding table; and one old space heater.

Lytle said, “We jumped at the opportunity when we heard about it. We can always use office furniture, and where there may be a need for an extra chair, or filing cabinet, we can sure transfer it into those departments, and when needed at the Panaca Town Center, we’ll have it available for use.”

Work on the 500KV power line, running some 230-miles from Ely to Las Vegas, is hoped to be completed in November or December. “Most of the crews are in White Pine County now,” Severts said, “but a few are still in Lincoln County doing restoration activities with the different transmission tower pads, and making sure the roads used are left in equal or better condition than when the project first started.”

A few miles of line has not yet been put in place where it crosses U.S. 93 about 16 miles south of Alamo, and Severts said, “That section of line will be strung most likely in October. When they are finished up north, a few crews will come back down and complete that section.” Nesting birds in one of the lattice towers caused that portion to be temporarily bypassed.

“With a project this size,” Severts said, “NV Energy takes every effort to follow all environmental laws, specific BLM requirements, especially for the Desert Tortoise in the south, and sage grouse up north, and nesting birds, wherever that might be.”

Severts said the nests have been empty for a while, but the company decided to just wait until the northern portion was finished, “then bring a few crews back and pick up this last section.”