On Nov. 9, 40 to 45 women from Pioche, Panaca, Alamo and Caliente attended the sixth annual Women’s Gathering.

The event was made possible by cooperative planning of women of the county from different faths to spend an afternoon sharing their love for each other and for God.

Claudia Fleming, from Las Vegas, is a friend of Rhonda Bradshaw, Caliente, from high school. Bradshaw said after talking with Fleming, “God put it in her heart that the women of Lincoln County were rather isolated from many other women,” and offered to bring an event that allows women of the county to gather for spiritual uplifting. And they’ve been continuing ever since, even adding a spring time event to the year.

Bradshaw said, “It takes communication, cooperation, prayers, and helping hands. The ladies from each church bring plates of cookies; we put on a pot of coffee and tea and let the good times roll.”