Travel Channel films chiller in Pioche

A Ghost Adventures camera crew shoots outside the Overland Hotel & Saloon in downtown Pioche. The crew was in town filming one of its hit television shows, Ghost Adventures.

A Ghost Adventures camera crew shoots outside the Overland Hotel & Saloon in downtown Pioche. The crew was in town filming one of its hit television shows, Ghost Adventures.

Pioche was abuzz last week with the film crew of the Travel Channel’s show, Ghost Adventures, in town. The crew of the hit tv show has been to Nevada a number of times, visiting Goldfield, Virginia City and Tonopah. Nick Groff, co-investigator and executive producer, who resides in Las Vegas discovered the area and sent crews, says Dan Rohn, production coordinator. “I thought we knew every ghost town in Nevada until we found this one,” he said.

The crew stayed Thursday through Saturday, having locals to dress up for the extras and portray actual people, as best they could be recalled, involved in Pioche happenings.

Women such as JoeLee Hiatt, Angelyn McCrosky and Diane Mason, dressed up like saloon girls of the western days. Bartenders Joe “Hose-B” Dunn and Jim Kelley were complete in western attire, and many locals were invited to the main scene location of the Overland, dressed in full western character.

Dave Carlson also attended and participated in a skit. “I got shot in the a–,” he said as his character was running away.

Ron Robinson, Jeff Hadland and Amy Asperheim were solicited to reenact an actual event involving Raymond Free, former owner of the hotel and saloon, that was allegedly murdered one night while he was in the safe. Robinson hovered in front of an antique safe while Hadland and accomplice Asperheim had snuck up behind him, pistol-whipped him over the head, and made off with the loot.
Nikki Bailey, Pioche resident who volunteers at the historic Million Dollar Courthouse, said, “we’ve all kind of got the bug from their show, and now they they’re here, we’re all excited and getting into it.” Bailey took local youth into the courthouse for tours and to do some of their own filming. More than a dozen children were in the courthouse last Thursday night. Unexplainable movements and noises gave everyone a fright.

Dylan Phillips made sure to get his sister who is in college in Utah an autograph from the film crew. “It made her day,” Phillips explained.

Pioche is no stranger to old historic sites, and the crew found themselves visiting Boothill Cemetery, the Thompson Opera House, and the Million Dollar Courthouse. No investigation was done at the opera house. Rohn explained it was for their “B-Roll.”

The crew rented the entire Overland Hotel for Friday night’s investigation. Doors closed at 8 p.m. April 25, and Ghost Adventurers set up their cameras, sound equipment and the like. They left the hotel vacant for the entire night, and are now processing any “evidence” they might have caught on tape.

Kelley said there has been reports of strange activity in rooms eight and 10 of the hotel.

Candice Mortenson, owner of the Overland Hotel and Saloon, said “We loved having the crew at the hotel. It was quite the experience.”

Buddy Whitaker, also a production coordinator said, “everyone was friendly here, and so welcoming. They all had good stories.”
Crews from the reality show ‘American Restoration’ were also in Pioche last week finding a treasure to “pick” for restorer Rick Dale, owner of Rick’s Restorations in Las Vegas. The filming of recent Dodge vehicles in Pioche for promotions as well as the Paranormal Researches of Nevada slated to be in Caliente during the Memorial Day/Homecoming week celebration is spreading the popularity of Lincoln County territory and history.

Greg Hicks, a cashier at Tillie’s, said, “I’m still excited because there are three shows airing in the next two months, and people will actually know how to pronounce ‘Pioche’ correctly.”

Mortenson said currently the Ghost Adventures is the number one show on the Travel Channel, and that they’re episodes repeat up to 18 times a year. “It’s a potential 97-million viewership for us [Pioche].” Mortenson has seen a number of ghost-type exploration over the years. “I’m sure we’ll see more once the show airs.” Overland will be hosting the first annual “Chills and Thrills Night,” June 21 at 9 p.m. for the airing of the television episode.


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  1. We stayed in this hotel and the LOUD noises woke us up!!! We asked the maid is everyone ok it sounded like a man was beating up a woman. WOW

  2. The Overland is NOT haunted!!! I worked there for many many years and NEVER had an experience!! The P.O.S. owners are only trying to make some money since their rooms are overpriced and its a crap place!!! They fake a lot of the noises and things for the experience!!

    • Jaswars says:

      Nonya, even if it’s not haunted who cares because it totally adds to the allure & mystery of this great property. The Overland Hotel and the surrounding businesses are rich with violent and crazy history of the Old West. This little town was more deadly than Tombstone & Dodge City combined….now that is just crazy in itself!! I had the chance to stay at the Overland Hotel in Room 10 and I had some weird experiences throughout the night. Something was definitely going on in that room.

      • We had most success in rms 10 , 6 and especially 14. Some family had 8 so we didn’t get to that one, but next time we will. LOVE THAT PLACE

    • Nonya Bizness says:

      Well with that crappy attitude you have, maybe the spirits didn’t want to hang out with you. I grew up in Pioche,K-12, and people know that it’s haunted, if that’s what you want to call it. Many people were killed in Pioche, the town caught on fire, etc, so I’m certain that some of those souls are still hanging around,oops, maybe hanging wasn’t the right word, since my grandma told me a story years ago about a man hanging himself in a house. I believe another man did as well.2 different houses.

  3. Linda Suchy says:

    My son and I stayed there this summer, Im a sensitive but did not feel anything in our room. I did however feel someone there somewhere in the hotel, just not in our room. Or it was very friendly and did not mind us and our two little dogs being there. The Hotel itself was very nice and very clean and comfortable! Highly recommended!

  4. Just got back from doing an investigation at Overland Hotel and it was Amazing! We captured so much evidence on film, pics and evps. And NONYA, a place can not fake someone being pushed down when no one is around. Spirits will only let them selves be known and seen by who they want to, you just was not one of them. GREAT HOTEL,, will go again very soon!!!

  5. It was my Grandfather and his name was Robert Free Raymond Free was his Son!! You have the story all wrong believe me I heard the story of my Grandfathers death many times!!!

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