Grover C. Dils Medical Center Administrator Jason Bleak has announced that a new nurse practitioner is coming to Caliente in July.

Starting July 7, Brittany Duckett will begin her orientation and training at the hospital and clinic, and on the visitation schedule to Alamo.

Bleak said Duckett has been an RN in labor and delivery in the Spanish Fork area, near Provo, Utah, “Now she is going to practice as a new nurse practitioner. She will be functioning mostly under Dr. Katschke and Dr. Rogers for a couple of months.”

She is replacing Dr. Mike Leudeman who is leaving to return to Las Vegas in late August. 

Bleak said Duckett “will be able to take care of some of our women’s health, as some of the women in the County have not felt comfortable with a male doctor, and have not been using our services as much. We are sorry to see Dr. Leudeman go, but at the same time are excited to be able to bring in Brittany.”