The Thompson Opera House is pleased to announce the next performance brought to their stage. World renown magician, illusionist and mind reader Geoffrey Hansen will be performing for residents on Tuesday, Nov. 18 at 6:30 p.m.

Hansen said, “There are tricks to all trades, but my trade is all tricks.”

Hansen has been performing magic since the 1970s, and was dubbed as one of the world’s greatest escape artists. Shackled, chained and handcuffed, he plunged into the 48 degree-water of the San Francisco Bay and removed all his restraints, still leaving the locks shut, in only 12 seconds.

“There’s been a lot of community talk about coming to this show, more than other shows,” said Les Derkovitz, member of the Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce who has been working on bringing performances to the Opera House. He said, “It’s looking like attendance will be real good. I’d love to fill the house.” The show is a family-friendly performance.

Hansen first learned of Thompson’s Opera House from the PBS special aired from the Trinkle Brass Works traveling orchestra. Derkovitz said he had a prior magician lined up, who ended up canceling. “It kind of fell into my lap. The first one cancelled out, and when he did, I got a phone call from Hansen who said he wanted to come up,” said Derkovitz.

“I’m most definitely excited to see the show,” he said. “It’s a different style, different community/audience appeal as opposed to a singer.”

Tickets are being sold at Pioneer Pizza in Caliente, McCrosky’s “Y” Service in Panaca, and Tillie’s in Pioche, Ticket price for children under 12, accompanied by an adult, are $7. Adults are $10. Tickets will be available until Noon on Tuesday, Nov. 18.