Landfill bills for the County in 2015 are going to continue to be on an annual basis, which will be due in full by Dec. 31, 2015.

County Treasurer Shawn Frehner asked for direction by the board of County Commissioners at their regular meeting Dec. 1.

She said her office does not want to continue doing the billing for Recology, the county’s solid waste hauler, but they can do it at least one more time, while the Commission makes a decision on what to do with the Recology contract, either renew it or look for another solid waster company to contract with.

The County and Recology are in an interim agreement since the contract ended in October. Between now and Feb. 1, 2015, Recology said they would continue to provide service with no rate increase. However, as of Feb. 1, an automatic 6 percent increase will take effect.

Since the Commission subcommittee negotiations on a new contract with Recology is ongoing, Commissioners decided to permit the billing to be annual. Frehner said prices in February will go up to $212 for residential customers. Commissioners discussed doing a quarterly bill, but ultimately sided in favor of the annual bill.

One of the factors for continuing the annual billing was the question of the waivers. Frehner said it would be quite difficult to do the waivers on a monthly or even quarterly basis. “Would the people be applying for a waiver for that month only, for a quarter?” She just didn’t know. “And the paperwork for waivers has been huge, about three times as much.”

Frehner explained how many people are taking advantage of the waiver policy and noted in January 2014 there were 131 approved landfill billing waivers of varying amounts. She said here at the end of the year, “the numbers have probably doubled.”