Robbie Brown


Kyle Hannig

A stabbing occurred at the Hide Away Club in Caliente, according to Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee.

On Aug. 13, deputies responded to a call to the club around 10 p.m. for a disturbance, and patrons said Robbie Brown, 32, and Kyle Hannig, 29, both from Caliente, “had come into the bar and started throwing stuff around the bar and beer bottles hit the bartender.”

Upon arrival, deputies found the bartender, name withheld, had been stabbed with a sharp object, possibly a knife. Caliente EMS responded and Lee said the person was transported to the hospital, treated and released. Injuries were not life threatening.

Both suspects had fled the scene, but were later apprehended by deputies and taken into custody. They are in the Lincoln County Detention Center awaiting a hearing in justice court.

Hannig was arrested for destruction of property, disorderly burglary and Brown for assault with a deadly weapon. Amended charges by the district attorney are expected later.

Lee said the incident appears to have stemmed from an early argument in the evening between one of the suspects and the bartender. The suspects left, but later came back and the argument continued, escalated into a fight and things were thrown around the bar, and the stabbing.”