Temperatures hovering near the minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit range before daybreak Tuesday morning likely caused a power pole to break and cut power to about 10 customers in the area of Carrigan Estates and the Beaver Dam road area.

Lincoln County Power District No. 1 manager Dave Luttrell said one of the guy wires to a particular pole north of the Beaver Dam road snapped and caused it to fall and brought down other poles as well.

“This happened about 5 a.m., Tuesday morning,” he said. “It created a cascading effect that broke one pole and damaged four others that had to be repaired.”

Luttrell said metal, like those on guy wires and grips, shrinks in extreme cold and can break. Official low temperature for that area at that time of the morning was between minus one or two and zero. The daytime high was only 21 degrees.

“It was bitter cold there and we had nearly all our crew on the job. We were able to sectionalize that part of the line and get Carrigan Estates reenergized quite quickly.” But several other customers remained without power for several hours. Power was restored about 5:30 that evening.

Resident Ron Vincent said he woke up to freezing temperatures in his house west of the Beaver Dam turn off on U.S. 93. “I was mad at everything,” he admits. But he later watched the line crews work unending all day and came away most impressed with the efforts to restore power to his area. “I watched the guys through my window, up on poles for four, five hours, no break, no stopping, no lunch, etc. They just stayed right with it pulling wires until they got power back on. I was so amazed and so appreciative of what they did for everybody. I saw four guys stay up on the poles, in their spikes for better than four hours with no break. They must have been incredibly cold and worked incredibly hard. It was quite an experience to watch them.”

Luttrell explained, “When we’re in an outage situation like that there’s no break, no lunch hour, just work straight through. We had everybody down there that we have.”

More repair work was done on Wednesday morning, including a few minor areas that became more visible in the daytime.