Congressman Cresent Hardy (NV-4) was in Lincoln County on Monday to address the closure of Little Ash Springs and meet with area high school students.

Nevada families have visited the natural warm springs of Little Ash for decades, but have not had access to them after federal officials closed them more than two years ago.

“Nevadans should not have to wait years to be able to enjoy our wonderful public lands because of disagreements among federal bureaucrats on how to best move forward,” Hardy said in a statement. “We must be able to work together to find a common sense solution to solve these issues in a timely manner.”

The lack of visitors to Ash Springs has had a negative impact on the local economy during this time. A meeting organized by Hardy brought together community leaders, locally elected officials and representatives from state and federal agencies involved to open up lines of communication in an effort to find a solution that will reopen Little Ash.

At Monday’s meeting, the Friends of Pahranagat Valley, a local non-profit, shared its plan that would allow the public to enjoy Little Ash, while also protecting the endangered species that currently inhabit this area. This plan recently received approval from the Lincoln County Planning Commission and the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners.

Hardy also visited with students at Pahranagat Valley and Lincoln County High Schools to discuss the value of hard work and public service.

“Spending time with the bright and talented students of our communities is one of the best parts of my service,” Hardy said. “They are the future leaders of our great state and I’m glad I could answer their questions on what I’ve been working on in their behalf.”

Hardy plans to host a follow up meeting in Lincoln County this summer to address the progress made on the reopening of Little Ash.