County commissioners plan to hold a special meeting this Monday to finalize the details of buying out Recology as the solid waste handler for the county.

District Attorney Daniel Hooge said at the regular Aug. 1 meeting, “Everything looks good on the title.” He said a property appraisal of the Crestline landfill was done in March and was put at $750 an acre and $4,500 per acre foot of water, “which ends up being about $340,000,” to which he said he was satisfied, “because we are paying $200,000 for the land and water. I think we are ready to close right now.” Western Elite is currently hauling the solid waste, but only has a six-month contract, and the commission garbage subcommittee will seek to work out other arrangements.

What will be needed at the upcoming special meeting will be actions taken to transfer the operations at Crestline.
Items on the agenda also include discussion of the organizational structure and creation of a transition team, which will probably be the same as the current commission subcommittee including one person from the City of Caliente.

The meeting also includes possible action to hire three new or retain the three current employees at the landfill on a part time/full time basis for the positions of landfill biller, temporary landfill Operator 1 and temporary landfill laborer and to set wage scales for each person.

Other action at the meeting will involve to approve or deny payment of $400,000 from the Lincoln County Water General Fund and the Lincoln County Land Act Planning and Development Fund for the purchase of Crestline and related equipment, as well as requesting a transfer of permits from Recology to Lincoln County by the Nevada State Department of Environmental Protection.

Hooge explained total purchase price is in the neighborhood of $400,000 which includes all the equipment, trucks and such being purchased from Recology.

A hauling contract with the City of Caliente is also on the agenda for possible action.

Dylan Frehner, Caliente city attorney said the City Council met last week and agreed to assign their solid waste contract to the county, the price would remain the same for one year, and after that year if there was a 10 percent increase in the cost, the city and the county could renegotiate.