Emilia Cargill, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Coyote Springs Land, gave county commissioners a letter of support for Western Elite at their recent meeting.

Cargill stated, “I am asking for your support of our interest in pursuing Western Elite Disposal Facility as the disposal location for all of Coyote Springs’ solid waste, including both municipal solid waste and construction and demolition debris.”

Coyote Springs is a master plan community that lies within both Clark and Lincoln counties. At present, the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course is the only public facilities that have been built.

She said that Coyote is also seeking to ask the Clark County Commission to have Coyote Springs “excluded from the Republic Services pickup area and have it become the exclusive domain of Western Elite.”

Coyote Springs had fought against Western Elite being granted a Class I license in 2014, but the license was eventually granted.

Cargill told county commission members, “It is the position of Albert Seeno that the landfill is going to be there whether we fight it or not, so I would rather be partners with them and be a part of what they are doing, to help to protect our property more effectively and be a part of the decision making process. We can make sure that way that leaks and liners and waste flowing down stream, if any, are properly controlled, and help them mitigate some of the impacts from the odors and the ravens and crows, and whatever else will be impacting us. We are not going to get very far if I am fighting them every minute of every day.”

No formal action was taken because Cargill presented the letter during the public comment period at the close of the board meeting, but commissioners did give verbal approval.