A Meadow Valley ambulance ran off the road last Friday and was nearly totaled in a rollover accident, Emergency Management Director Rick Stever reported at Monday’s county commission meeting.

Sheriff Kerry Lee said the accident was one of a series of five accidents along a five-mile stretch of U.S. 93 near Pony Springs.

A heavy fall of rain and slushy snow made the road quite treacherous on that section, and it resulted in five accidents that day.

Lee said none of the accidents involved serious injury, although one person was trapped in their vehicle and had to be pried out with the Jaws of Life. Several of the victims were transported to the hospital in Caliente as a precautionary measure.

As for the ambulance, Stever said it was responding to a call when it slid off the road and rolled. The EMTs were wearing seat belts and were shaken but not injured, however the vehicle suffered major damage, which Stever said makes it a complete loss.

He said the Meadow Valley Fire Department was close behind, and when they arrived, the EMTs gathered up the equipment and supplies they needed and continued on the emergency call. Panaca Fire and Rescue and Caliente Fire and Ambulance were called in to assist

He said this showed their complete “dedication to their task and the training that they have.”

The insurance company has contacted Stever and will come in to access the damage to the ambulance.

He did not blame the EMTs for the accident, and said he has long stressed the importance of safe driving and being cautious. “To my knowledge, this is the first time we have lost an apparatus to an accident. Have hit deer before, but I feel very fortunate that this is the first accident we have actually had.”

He said Alamo had an old ambulance that Pioche might be able to put into service on loan until a new one can be secured. And White Pine County has also offered to extend their range into northern Lincoln County. Panaca and Caliente have also been put on notice they might also be asked to respond.