Caliente businessman and Lincoln County commission board member Kevin Phillips is the new president of the Nevada Association of Counties.

Phillips explained it will be a one-year term, and he will represent the 17 counties of the state at numerous events around the country in the coming year.

“Technically though, the election was about three years ago,” he said. “You put your name in the hat to run for the position of vice-chairman. Then it moves up each year to chairman-elect and chairman.”

Phillips will preside over the monthly NACO meetings held in Carson City. “I also just returned with our state executive director from a meeting in Washington D.C., which was for the new presidents of state associations and accompanying executive directors. There were probably 30-35 states represented.”

Phillips said some of the things he will seek to achieve for Nevada in 2017 will include revamping the computer accounting systems for most of the rural counties. “There has been one man and his system that has provided the contracted services for the rural counties. But he is planning to retire and has given us three years to find an alternative. Groups from both the state treasurer and state assessor’s office are currently searching for software and applicants to take over the work but have not settled on a system yet.”

Phillips said he did not know if Clark and Washoe County use the same system or a different one.

In Lincoln County, Phillips added, “We and every other county are going to face a pretty stiff bill in regards to new software, new equipment and programming. I also think it is something we need to bring before the next session of the state legislature and see if it is possible to get some funding to help all the counties, because it is going to be a pretty big bill.” The 79th legislative session begins in Carson City Feb. 6.

Phillips said, “We will also continue to work on the issues of regaining federal land for the state.” Nevada’s Congressional delegation, in particular Sen. Dean Heller and Rep. Mark Amodei will continue to do what they can on the same subject in D.C.