Having a marketing firm undertake a web-based marketing campaign, possibly associated with the Faraday Future electric car company, to move some of their manufacturing to Coyote Springs, is not going to be supported by Coyote Springs, said senior vice-president and general counsel Emilia Cargill.

She noted at the Feb. 27 meeting of the Lincoln County Regional Development Authority that she felt unable to support the proposed idea from Target Industries Prospects, which has helped the LCRDA before. She questioned how good the leads from TIP would be and to what extent they would be qualified leads.

In the past, some leads by TIP to LCRDA have not worked, admitted Mike Baughman, executive director of the LCRDA, and the board did not take any action on the proposal.

Board chair Dave Hurd also expressed concern that the cost of the proposed marketing campaign, $500 for each qualified lead, in addition to a $12,000 marketing campaign fee, appeared excessive.

In other news, Coyote Springs Investments did express interest in attracting one or more firms to develop solar projects within the Lincoln County portion of their development. Two-thirds of Coyote Springs lies within Lincoln County.

Baughman reported he plans to attend the Solar Power International 2017 tradeshow in Las Vegas Sept. 10-13 and noted that he generated several possible leads when he attended the same tradeshow in Dallas, Texas, a few years ago.

Cargill said the Southern Nevada Water Authority and the Silver State Energy Association had received a Record of Decision from the BLM regarding development of their planned 230kv electrical transmission line proximate to Coyote Springs and north through Lincoln County.