Natalie Vargas
Derek Mathews directing the Lincoln County 6th grade band during the band and show choir spring concert on March 7.

On March 7, the Lincoln County elementary, middle and high school band, concert choir and show choir students showcased their talents in an outstanding spring concert.

This event was adjudicated by selected judges Sharee Mathews and Clark Black for the talented kids to move on to the Music in The Parks festival in California. The concert was organized by the fine arts director Jacob Lester. Lester described the night as “phenomenal”. Indeed, the night started off with the elementary school band giving a beautiful rendition of Bill Haley’s One O’Clock Rock and the Ray Parker Jr. classic Ghostbusters. There was a lot of hard work put in these performances and the delivery showed the dedication of the students, as Lester remarked. He added, “This year’s kids have been phenomenal, willing to put in the hard work and participate. They’ve learned their music faster than most other 6th grade bands.” The elementary kids were accompanied by Lester on the drums and senior Derek Mathews directed the group.

The concert also featured the middle school band performing advanced songs like the traditional folk song Greensleeves, All The Things and James Swearingen’s Winchester Chronicles. Lester described it saying that their effort made them tight together at the end and because of that “they scored really well.”

This concert also featured a special performance from 7th grader Mackenzie Marshall, giving the audience a thrilling piano rendition of A Great Big World’s Say Something. Marshall’s solo showcased her extraordinary singing abilities. Her performance originated from her desire to try out, however, once she “started to play the piano and… singing, everybody in the choir melted and said ‘we’ve got to have her do this [in the concert].’”

Next, the choir kids sang cheery tunes, like the Lebanese folk song Hala Lala Layya, Joan Baez’s Barbara Allen, I’m Gonna Walk My Way to Heaven and Matthew Curtis’ Everlasting Melody, with beautiful voices and high spirits. Their performances were “really good” and despite not achieving “the superior rating, they did really well,” Lester said.

Another outstanding part of the night was sophomore Abby Loverme’s rendition of Adele’s All I Ask. It was praised as a chilling performance that showcased her talented voice and beautiful range. Lester remarked that “she has some pipes! Everybody [in the room] was impressed with her ability.”

Later on, the concert featured the high school band, directed by Lester, playing songs like John Prescott’s Table Rock Festival, B.J. Brooks’ The Willows of Winter and the Clifton Williams’s Variation Overture. Their well-polished performance received a great response from the the standing-room only crowds and achieved the Superior Rating that allows them to go to the festival in California. It was regarded as having an amazing sound, with Caralee Frehner commenting on the high caliber of the Lincoln County High School Band, remarking that “they sounded like a professional band.”

Following this act was Lincoln Frehner’s beautiful rendition of Eugene Bozza’s Caprice. The sophomore gave a great performance of the classical tune.

Finally, the Lincoln County show choir closed the night singing show tunes like One Short Day from the musical Wicked and Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show musical. The bright red, sparkling costume wearing teens belted out cheery renditions of songs while dancing synchronized moves. Their performance showcased the talented kids from Lincoln County and their dedication to their craft. Junior show choir performer Carlin Christensen commented that even though they were extremely nervous, “because concerts are just nerve wracking… once we got out there and started singing, we managed to pull it together.”