Natalie Vargas
Dance Dynamics presented their annual Dance Review on March 10.

The long awaited annual Dance Team Review was hosted on March 10 by Lincoln County’s Dance Dynamics.

Organized by Mindy Anderson and Jessica Mathews, the evening featured performances from the school’s dance divisions, including Team Elite, Extreme, Elevate and Excel, featuring the talents of Lincoln County kids.

The evening started off with Team Elite’s performance of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” Choreographed by the Review’s Coach Mindy Anderson, it featured talented dancers like junior Shayla Mathews, sophomores Kendra Mathews, Keely Jackson, Brianna Brobst, Baylee Cameron, Kismet Derkovitz and Amy Glockner, and freshmen Joanna Ahlstrom, Sadie Soderborg, Madison Schimbeck and Hailey Hooge.

The dance was described by team members as a nerve-racking experience. Performing to a packed crowd, their dance turned out amazing, with synchronized moves and talented performances.

The team also danced to The Fugees’ “Ready or Not”, Meghan Trainor’s “I Love Me” and Lil Mama’s “Shawty Get Loose,” choreographed by the Mindy Anderson and Jessica Mathews.

The evening next showcased a heartwarming solo dance by Team Extreme’s Madelyn Hart dancing to Daya’s “Sit Still Look Pretty.” The night also featured Mikelle Stewart’s great solo performance of Nicki Minaj’s “Fly.” Similarly, Team Elevate’s Jyllian Lynn gave a beautiful performance of Sia’s “The Greatest,” choreographed by Team Elite’s team captain Shayla Mathews. Also, one of the night’s final performances was Alexa Thornock’s dance solo of John Lennon’s “Oh My Love.” Choreographed by Mindy Anderson, it was an amazing way to showcase the talents of our Lincoln County kids.

Next up, Team Elevate danced to Jacob Plant’s “Drop That” from the movie “Home,” choreographed by Mindy Anderson and Jessica Mathews. Led by team captains Ashlinn Lewis and Ella Somers, they also danced to The Muppets’ “The Rainbow Connection.” The team included Ella Somers, Ashlinn Lewis, Lindsey Bleak, Bailee Cole, Makayla Dougan, Anika Gatzke, Jyllian Lynn, Remi Lytle, Samantha Patrick, Savannah G. Young and Savannah K Young.

The next performance was given by Team Extreme with their incredible dance of “Fireball,” choreographed by the Enterprise Drill Team. The team also danced to Birdy’s “Not About Angels,” the Les Miserables’ classic “The Final Battle” and Fleur East’s “Sax,” and included team captains Ellie Frehner, Kassidy Mathews, Madison Decker, Alexa Thornock, Madelyn Hart, Ada Heaton, Katy Mathews, Monroe Morrow, Loni Phillips and Mikelle Stewart.

The Second Grade Dance Class gave a wonderful performance of Land of Talk’s “It’s Okay,” choreographed by Mindy Anderson. Likewise, following the Dance Dynamics’ Dance Review tradition, all the team captains got together and learned a dance the same day of the final show. Their performance was brilliant, and it was described as a challenge, but definitely a success.

Then, Team Excel performed incredible dances of songs like John Lennon’s “Imagine,” “Spinning Around” and “Encore,” with choreography by Mindy Anderson. As the youngest group, their performances were filled with cheery spirits and amazing moves, featuring Rylee Midgley, Brylie Sommers, Isabella Lewis, Kailey Lee, Margaret Gloeckner, Hailey Dirks and Rynn Plunkett. This performance was missing 11-year-old Rachel Mathews, because of injuries.

Finally, both Team Elite and the eighth graders teamed up to give a chilling performance of Pearl Jam’s “Daughter.” With choreography created by Hannah Stewart, it was a very emotional dance. It included a metaphor of past generations of women building other women up, and it reflects on the importance and impact mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers have on the life of their daughters.

Congratulations to Dance Dynamics and coaches Mindy Anderson and Jessica Mathews for a successful, charming recital and amazing year of outstanding performances. We’re looking forward to next year’s dance shows.