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A look inside the new Pioche Highland Hideaway.

Getaways…we all need them.

This probably has most of you thinking about getting away somewhere the first chance you get, most likely concluded by thinking when it was you last got away. For everyone else…congratulations. You have the perfect life.

For the rest of us, getaways are a necessity, a backbone defender of our quality of life, when life becomes a threat to tolerance.

Usually, the only negative to getaways are the getaways themselves. You can plan like crazy before a trip, but when it comes down to it, it’s the little things presented to you when you arrive at that destination that really determine what kind of experience have.

Tourism studies show that the majority of travelers decide a trip’s worth solely on one factor: where they lay their heads at night. Of that majority group, two specific factors were mentioned consistently: hospitality/service and factors unique to them personally. These personal needs ranged from normal every-trip type issues to very specific needs. In Las Vegas, for example, thousands of tourists purposely stay off the strip and/or stay in non-gaming hotels due to addiction risks with gambling and/or alcohol… a percentage of those surveyed were currently on recovery paths from past addictions.

No matter how specific travelers’ needs have been or are today, Pioche has always been a great overall destination to getaway to, not only for its scenic value, but also because it offers more lodging options than one would ever expect in a town its size – options that cater to just about every specific need a traveler may have.

Those looking for lodging directly tied to the nightlife aspect need look no further than the first two options they see as they enter town – The Overland Hotel and Saloon and Wright’s Country Cabins. The Overland boasts a large saloon and dance hall downstairs. It also offer a variety of room sizes that can accommodate a variety of unique group needs. Those wanting to be within reach of the on-goings, but not right in the middle of it, have two options with The Motherlode Motel and The Hutchins Motel. Both are within a couple minutes walking distance to downtown. Both The Hutchins Motel and Wright’s Country Cabins offer stand-alone units for those wanting more privacy or simply wanting a lodging option not commonly found on their prior travels.

Pioche has and continues to grow its reputation as a destination town because of the lodging options it boasts. Does it offer an extraordinary selection of lodging options for a town of approximately 800 residents? Yes…hands down. Would you expect more options for a town so small? Not at all…but they have, and the new addition to Pioche’s lodging carousel offers a lodging style previously not found here.

The Pioche Highland Hideaway, owned and operated by Darrin and Janine Woodworth, is now open for business for any and all that want the home away from home experience while spending time in Pioche or Lincoln County.

Unlike its local counterparts, Pioche Highland Hideaway is actually a house that has been completely rebuilt from the ground up by the Woodworth family. The before and after remodel on the Hideaway resulted in a transformation that took approximately 14 months of planning, blood, sweat and tears. That time was spent making sure that even the smallest of details were included in every room and area of the home, including a few extra perks to make a renter’s stay as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Darrin Woodworth said this when asked about the renovation. “We followed and will continue to follow one philosophy: To create a lodging option that not only offers travelers the amenities left at home, such as full size bedrooms, baths, and kitchen, etc, but an option that actually feels like home while they’re here. For us to accomplish that goal, we lived by one simple rule during the renovation: No rushing to complete it and take more than enough time for each phase to ensure no details, small or large, were missed.”

One of the biggest pluses to the The Pioche Highland Hideaway is the short-term/long-term rental style. The hideaway has a minimum two night requirement, however renters can stay weeks…even months.

The Pioche Highland Hideaway is now booking reservations. For more information on The Hideaway, you can visit their facebook page at

To book a room, visit

For more information on other lodging options and/or information about Pioche, visit the Pioche Chamber of Commerce website