The March 13 Panaca Town Board Meeting was a short one. Chairman Tyler Free was not present at the beginning of the meeting so Mike R. Anderson took the chair.

Short a few dollars to pay all bills, an agreement was reached to carry over the remaining amount due until later this month.

A bid from Ben Long Construction for $1,080 for insulation and repairs to Town Hall was voted on and passed.

A unanimous vote approved $2,000 for supplies for Farmstead to use toward town maintenance for the coming fiscal year.

Free reported that a couple of citizens requested mirrors to be installed for post office customers to spot pediatricians when exiting. No formal vote was made.

Gary Elmer reported asking Keith Pearson for a bid for valleys in certain streets. No response yet.

The valve to the cemetery water is repaired.

Wes Reed gave his maintenance report and asked for true city limits.

A long discussion was had on ball field lights being left on. Gretchen Soderberg said the electric bills last year were unbelievable.

Anderson said that the power district would donate some power this year.