County District Attorney Daniel Hooge said in the county commission meeting April 3 that Lincoln County is “bowing out” of involvement in the Groom Mine Eminent Domain case.

He recommended to the board they file a disclaimer and get out of the case.

“The problem is,” he explained, “that we don’t really have any way to help, and after being involved in it for awhile, I think our being a party might actually hurt them, (the Sheehan family). Really we are more like a conflicting interest to them. What they are doing now in the case is fighting over the assets. There are multiple people and families involved in figuring how to split up the pie.”

He continued, “The county would only get a piece of the pie if we were owed taxes, which we are not. The taxes are up to date. We have no claim to the property in question.”

The Sheehan family has been involved for several years in a dispute with the Air Force over some land at Groom Lake on the Nevada Test and Training Range.

“This is pretty complex piece of litigation,” Hooge said, “and our being involved is not really helping at all.”

In responding to a question of would the county “continue to collect taxes off of that?” Hooge said he could not answer that question prior to a meeting to be held May 19.

Hooge said the Sheehan’s are not fighting the Eminent Domain by the Air Force, just the value of the land and how to disperse it. A settlement conference was scheduled for April 13.

Commissioners approved a motion to file the disclaimer. Paul Donohue was absent.