The Alamo Town Board met May 11 in the Alamo ambulance barn.

Lonny Walch informed those present that there will be a LEPC drill in either September or October for emergency practices involving the different entities.

The little league and softball field lights have also been having issues with their timers. The lights don’t shut off at the right times due to the timer not working properly.

The topic of street lights and whether to add another one off of Weeping Willow and Joshua Tree area has been tabled until next month. An estimate was given that if a light was added, it would be around $500 for the arm and light to attach to a current pole.

A quorum from the Friends of Pahranagat Valley were present at the meeting to discuss progress on the splash pad. The plans for the future site were presented to the board. There are two separate sites proposed to start work. First, the skate ramp will need to be removed and fill dirt added to the volleyball court with the volleyball court equipment removed from the site. The water for the splash pad will run into a tank and through a pool pump filter. The different maintenance needs were brought up to the board as far as needing to change out filters occasionally and the chlorine costs as well as monthly cleaning. If a piece breaks in the future, the system is designed so that the solenoid connected to that part will turn that feature or area off until it is able to be fixed. Fundraising ideas for the maintenance and possible addition of site three were suggested to further help fund this project to not add strain to the town’s current budget.

The town would like to hire summer help but are unsure how much money from the room tax board they will have to go towards such help. This will be discussed further in June’s meeting. If the right amount of funds are available, the position will be advertised for two weeks.