The Alamo Town Board met June 15. They are working on posting one position for summer help. Ads will be posted in the same places as the agendas. The position is for $10 an hour for about 20 hours a week. Those interested should attend the meeting on June 28 at 6 p.m. and submit a resume to the town’s email address at:

The funding of such position will be discussed at the meeting as well. For future reference, the board has learned they can budget the money from the Wynn Foundation and the honor box into the park fund as cash on hand to be used towards such a position. The option of using the Lincoln County Workforce has been brought up as well to use for future part-time help. The board has planned to meet with county Treasurer Shawn Frehner and Recorder/Auditor Leslie Boucher to discuss the finances of the budget prior to June 28.

The Alamo Children’s Park has faced more vandalism. The sensors in the sinks are broken. Gravel was put throughout the urinals and the rest of the bathrooms. The bathrooms will now be locked unless an event is scheduled and coordinated with the town board. Other areas needing attention is a broken swing and the mens and womens restroom signs are gone. The womens door is scratched up and the sprinklers aren’t working as well.

Lastly, the board will see if there is money to add street lights where needed and are working on trying to get the town’s dump truck fixed to be used for work.