The most recent Lincoln County Coalition meeting was held on July 25 at the Panaca Town Center. Here are the highlights.


A training by the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America is available in Carson City. Topics to be covered include community assessment, logic model, strategic planning, diversifying funding, SMART goals, and evaluation plans. This will be September 25-27. It would be great to have a representative from Lincoln attend. Those interested can contact Ben Rowley at 775-962-2461. Reservations need to be made soon.

Lincoln County Workforce currently has 17 youth enrolled in the program. If you’re an employee or an employer and have a specific need within your company, Workforce can assist with trainings and certifications. If you or other people you know of are looking for more training in a field of work, this is an excellent program to go through. Learn more at or call the workforce office at 775-726-3800.

Kershaw-Ryan has been certified through the Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment Agency (SAPTA), which means they can continue to receive grant funding from the NyE Communities Coalition (NyECC) for movie nights. They will receive about $2,500 for the movie nights in the parks. They hope to do them all over the county, and if anyone has a date that coincides with other events, they would be happy to come out and do that. To coordinate a movie night, email Andrew Porter at or call 775-962-1772.

Kershaw-Ryan is currently in the bidding phase for phases 1 and 2 of trail construction. They hope to get construction going in the fall. Phase 1, which begins in Kershaw-Ryan, is about 4.5 miles, phase 2 is about 8 miles, and phase 3 is also about 8 miles. Because things are taking a little longer than expected, phase 3 construction probably won’t begin until next fall.

County Emergency Management, is looking for volunteers that would be interested in joining Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT). These volunteers would help keep things organized during an emergency by doing things like setting up information centers, helping coordinate services with those in need, and other services outside of what the first responders do.
This would also connect with the Red Cross, and Christy Blood has been working with that organization, who hopes to set up a booth at the County Fair so people can stop by and be able to get more information. As teams are put together, there is a possibility that the county can get a limited Red Cross supply house here. So if there was an emergency there would be supplies available quickly.
Volunteers are still needed with a hope to have about 5 to 10 in each community. CERT is open to high school students and older, and requires some training. Red Cross has an age minimum of 16 with parent consent and also requires some training. For more information, call Rick Stever at 775-962-2376 or email at

A Heroines Honor Flight is being offered in September for women veterans. This is where women who have served in the US military will be flown to our nation’s capital to visit the memorials dedicated to their honor, service, and sacrifice. The community is invited to help find local women who served in the US Armed Forces and get the word out. The cost per veteran is $1,000 and $900 for a friend or family member to travel with the veteran. Donations or sponsorships to help make this possible are encouraged. Contact Linda Rollins at 775-962-1304 for more info.
RSVP received a grant from the Fund for a Healthy Nevada to provide reimbursement to volunteers who utilize their own vehicles to transport adults with a disability (18 and older) and elderly for medical visits, as well as for shopping and other needed trips. The mileage reimbursement is offered $0.40  a mile, with no cap. Also, transportation can be arranged through the RSVP for people in need. For more information call June Taylor with the RSVP program at 775-726-3126 or visit

Grover C. Dils Medical Center is putting on a health fair on September 16 in Caliente from 8 to 11 am.  If anyone would like to have a booth, contact Missie Rowe at the hospital, 775-726-3171, ext. 105, as they need to get that coordinated ASAP.
The hospital is currently fully staffed. So for anybody in the community that has a chronic illness, they are trying to fill the schedules now and make sure to get everyone in.
The hospital is focusing on telehealth initiatives and what services they can provide for the community that will improve health. These include diabetes counseling and training to assist people in managing their diabetes and creating a stronger support network.
A Remote Area Medical (RAM) event is happening in Pahrump on October 6-8. This is where doctors, physical therapists, dentists, and other providers will be available to give free medical services. This includes removing sutures, cleaning teeth and many other things. This is free and open to anyone in the community. It is very beneficial for low-income families or people without insurance to have an opportunity to get needed care. Questions can be directed to April Jackson 775-727-9970 ext 211
Training is available for those interested in becoming a mental health first aid instructor. The training on working with adults is $2,000 per individual, however, NyECC can cover those costs for those interested. The person trained is required to provide three courses each year to their community and also be willing to help cover White Pine and other communities. The training in Las Vegas is happening this week and the next closest one is in San Francisco during mid-September. The training is five days long and is best-suited for someone with a background in mental health. The training on working with youth is three days long and will be in Utah this August. For more information, call Mary Duff at 775-727-9970 x 237 or email her at
Lincoln Counseling & Supportive Service is taking part in the 11th annual suicide prevention community walk, “Walk in Memory. Walk for Hope.” This is on September 9th in Caliente. Fourteen other communities will do the same walk at the same time. Registration begins at 8 a.m. and the walk begins at 9 a.m. All donations go back to the community and toward a suicide prevention training for the schools.
There is a two-day Applied Suicide Intervention Skills  Training (ASIST), which is to help people prevent immediate risk of suicide. The training is in Ely Nevada. If anyone is interested in attending, it takes place on September 26 and 27 and costs $60.
For more information on either event, call Janie Rippetoe at 775-962-8089 or visit the NCSP website at

Statistics on Lincoln County youth substance use are available from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey that UNR puts out. They do a questionnaire every two years at the high and middle schools. The numbers for the 2017 survey have yet to be put out, but they will be shared at the beginning of next year. However, results from the 2015 survey for high schoolers are available
In regards to tobacco, 17% reported they have tried cigarettes, 7.5% had in the past 30 days and 4.66% had before the age of 13. Current smokeless tobacco over the past 30 days was at 5%, current cigar at 6.2% and any current smokeless tobacco use in the past 30 days was 7.72%.
For electronic vapor product use, 16.45% had used them at one point in their life and in the past 30 days, 9.96% had.
For alcohol use, the current binge drinking (more than 5 drinks within a couple hours, over the past 30 days) was 2.46%, 15.72% had used alcohol before they were 13, 4.02% had used it over the past 30 days, and 39.01% had used it sometime throughout their lives.
For marijuana use, 2.5% of high schoolers used it before the age 13, 5.61% had over the past 30 days and 10.6% had used it sometime throughout their lives.
For prescription substance abuse, 5.69% had in their lifetime and 2.36% had in the past 30 days. 0.0% had ever used steroids.
It was reported that 0% of the county’s high schoolers have used heroin, meth, or cocaine, 4.04% have used inhalants, 4.63% have used ecstasy, and 6.76% have used synthetic marijuana.
These statistics will be discussed in future meetings as the coalition formulates a plan to address youth substance abuse.