By Marinda Lamb

The Lincoln County High football program has a new coach after 27 years of Rich Ottley as the head coach. He went on to teach at the Caliente Youth Center. Raymond Wadsworth is stepping up to head coach this year. It will be exciting to see what he does in his years as the coach.

Wadsworth said, “We did really well last year. We won the semi-finals.” They also won the whole Southern League for the last two years.

The coach said this season they will have six seniors playing. Landen Smith is a returning senior. Last season he played as a receiver but this year will be playing fullback. Other returning seniors are Matthew Finlinson, who will be on the line, and Matt Harr and Elijah Harr, playing whatever and wherever the coaches need them to.

Wadsworth also referred to juniors Noah Smith, Kamdon Lewis as a receiver, and Mckinley O’Connor on the line as important pieces this year.

“We’ve got quite a few returning starters,” he said.

The coach believes upcoming players will also play a big part in this year’s team. “I think all of them could, given the chance, and through hard work and effort. We’re going to try to get everyone in.”

Senior Landen Smith said, “I’m very confident in this year’s team. We have a lot of players that are stepping up and filling the shoes of last year’s seniors. Wadsworth and all the other coaches are doing an excellent job in preparing us for the upcoming season. It will be a very promising season.”

Today the Lynx are traveling to Ely to scrimmage White Pine and West Wendover. Their first official game will be in Dayton, Nevada, against Dayton High School on Aug. 25. The Lynx’ first home game will be on Sept. 1 against White Pine.