By Marinda Lamb

Lincoln County High School volleyball has a new coach this year. Chantel Holt, who was assistant coach last season, is taking Ken Thornock’s place this season. Thornock is not teaching at the high school anymore but instead took a teaching position at the Caliente Youth Center. Michelle Smith is the new assistant coach.

For the past couple years, the Lady Lynx have made it to the first game of playoffs but have come up short. According to Nevada Preps, the win-loss record last year was 20-16.

Coach Holt told her players that her new volleyball philosophy was the acronym “ACE.” “A” stands for Attitude. “C” stands for Communication, and “E” stands for Effort. Returning junior Kendra Mathews said, “I feel like it will be a good year, and our team will work well together after just a few more practices. Also, with our new coach, it will be a nice fresh start.”

Senior Sadie Teel said, “I’m excited about our new coaches. They can teach us new things and help us get prepared for the season.”

There are five returning varsity players from last year. The returning seniors are Sadie Teel (outside hitter), Brooklyn Hafen (outside hitter) and Kailey Kelley (middle hitter). Returning juniors are Kendra Mathews (middle hitter) and Kylee Cameron (middle hitter).

When asked what upcoming players will make an impact on the team, Holt said, “Definitely Marinda Lamb and Amy Gloeckner, because they’re the brand new setters. The setting position is completely new. We have no returning setters.”

Lamb and Gloeckner are both juniors this year. The coach also mentioned, “That’s the only ones I can say for right now because I don’t know how I’m going to play out everyone else yet.”

The Lady Lynx are kicking off their season tomorrow at 9 a.m. at their opening scrimmage with White Pine and a few other teams. It will be at the high school gym. On the 25th they head up to Ely to compete in the White Pine Invitational. The team’s first home game will be on Tuesday, Sept. 12, facing the Adelson Lions.