The Alamo Power District met Sept. 12.

The financial audit was approved by the board. The board also approved ending the bill averaging policy and reconciling affected customers’ accounts by the end of the year. Notices will be mailed out to those this affects. August was the highest month of sales this year.

Jobs completed were changing 10 poles for the State Fish and Game and finalizing the power for the Alamo Splash Pad.

Upcoming jobs involve borrowing hot stick equipment from the Lincoln County Power District in order to change poles on the marshy grounds while accessible. This fall, they will also be de-energizing the south substation and replacing switchgear to make both stations have the same parts.

There is also a tree project in Ash Springs to clear right of way.

Robert Park is back in school for the fall semester.

As far as Energy Choice, efforts are still being made to help soften the effects of this mandatory initiative for rural Nevada. The first efforts were denied. If the legislation passes through Nevada voters once again, this means a huge financial burden on all rural areas. The hardware required to switch out will be significant since Alamo Power will have to have all meters switched to smart meters in order to make Energy Choice a success. Ken Maxwell has been looking into different kinds of smart meters to gauge how much it will cost.

The AMI meter system is a two-way communication with meter reads, load limits, and meter disconnects. They can also notify of power outages from certain homes instead of general areas. Powerline Carrier uses no radio signals and just sends a pulse signal through the electrical line. Maxwell estimates that if Energy Choice passes the next general vote, it will cost the Alamo Power District around $300,000 to re-meter everyone.

Maxwell will be attending a meeting of the Nevada Rural Electric Association (NREA) at the end of the month which will cover Energy Policy Transformation in Nevada: Energy Choice. He is interested in what will be discussed covering the transition of this policy, along with talks about deregulation around the country.