CAPTION – Courtesy Photo
Lincoln shutout Laughlin 48-0 last week during homecoming.

By Marinda Lamb

The Lincoln County High football team rolled over Laughlin during its Homecoming game last Thursday earning its second straight shutout, 48-0.

The Lynx came out a little slow in the first quarter, scoring once on a touchdown pass to Landen Smith. Laughlin caused a problem by almost scoring on their first kick return. Thanks to Mason Thornock’s tackle, that didn’t happen. He also intercepted a pass later in the first quarter, preventing another touchdown.

The Lynx were backed up near the end zone, third down and 15 yards to go when Thornock threw a 20-yard pass to Alex Vincent, who caught it and got the first down. Thornock completed four passes, starting out with the 49-yard pass to Smith.

In the second quarter, the Lynx started to waste up. Right after the quarter started, Noah Smith was handed the ball and ran 79 yards to get the next touchdown. Elijah Harr caught a six-yard pass from Thornock. Harr was also perfect on all his extra point kicks.

At halftime, the score was 21-0, with the Lynx receiving the ball.

Landen Smith ran the ball on the first kick return, almost scoring. This set it up for his brother, Noah Smith, to get the touchdown. Noah also scored the next touchdown.

After a fumbled snap, Thornock changed his plan to throw and ran the ball instead to get yet another touchdown about halfway through the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, Kobe Walker came in as the quarterback.

Thornock, now the fullback, got handed the ball and ran 25 yards to get the final touchdown of the game, shutting out Laughlin 48-0.

Vincent led the defensive stats with 10 tackles. Walker had eight tackles. Landen Smith had six.

The Lynx host Calvary Chapel tonight at 7 p.m. Calvary has lost all four of its games so far this year, none of them close.