By Collin Anderson

This last week the Pioche Chamber of Commerce met in the Silver Cafe to discuss some projects they intend on pursuing over the next few months. While this wasn’t an official meeting, due to a lack of quorum, the chamber pushed on and opened the conversation with a quick summary of the funds that they have available to them for the rest of the year.

As part of the funding discussion, the focus was directed towards possible grants to help develop information pamphlets for new or prospective residents to the town of Pioche. This was in response to multiple requests for information made by people seeking to discover the opportunities in the small mountainside town.

According to some members of the board, there are a considerable number of people interested in visiting and possibly living in Pioche, so packets and pamphlets are definitely required.

Along with this thought, the chamber discussed the recent re-acquiring of the website. They hope to promote the city’s features through this medium.

After a short discussion about some changes that are going to be made in their membership program with the coming of the new year, the chamber began discussing the Labor Day Celebration and all the preparation that comes with Pioche’s most renowned celebration.

The subject of participation came up, and they reiterated that there was a smaller than expected number of floats in last year’s night and day parades, and hoped to make some adjustments to the prize system to help alleviate some of the issues discovered during this last year’s celebration.

Nonetheless, they desire to have much more participation from community leaders, churches, and businesses this coming Labor Day, in hopes that the celebration can be as big and inclusive as possible.

The theme for this coming year will be “Your Favorite Holiday!” and the possibility of multi-sponsored floats was considered, as long as it brings in more participation.

After this, the subject turned to the beautification of Pioche, and two fundraisers for next year were also discussed.

One of the fundraisers was the yearly wreath sales. Anyone interested in buying a wreath can do so by contacting Mary King. The wreaths are well put together and will brighten any home with the spirit of Christmas.

The other fundraiser was the sale of flags and flagpoles by the chamber. The packages for flags and poles are relatively economical ($25 for all the hardware required) and the addition of flags to any home helps to beautify and uplift the entire community.