Dear Editor,


What should Nevadan’s look for in their Governor? That individual must be a good manager with a vision that is in tune with Nevada. And, have the integrity and courage to make the tough calls.

I’m not a politician. Sure, I’m an elected official, but I’ve started and managed good businesses that create jobs and benefit the community. As an independent voice in Carson City, I’ve stood up to other political leaders when they made wrong decisions on the biggest tax increase in our state’s history; promoted a phantom automobile factory that would have cost voters $175 million.

I have stood up to the ACLU on parental choice in education while quadrupling returns on our state’s investments, increased college savings by Nevadans, and creating $80 million in savings through bond re-fundings.

What became clear when I arrived in Carson City was that everyday Nevadans never had a chance. Big casino owners, lobbyists, and special interests rule the state—not the people.

I will bring my decades of success in finance and managing businesses—not years of calculating how to win elections—to Carson City. That is what I have done as State Treasurer. That is what I will continue to do as your Governor.

I hope you will join with me in taking down the “For Sale” sign in Carson City. And, I ask for your support in welcoming what I hope will be a new dawn for Nevada.

Please join us on Monday the 27th, at 5:30 PM at the Caliente Olson Senior Center to discuss the future of our state. I’m here to listen to your ideas and to share some of my own.

Refreshments will be served!

Your public servant,

Dan Schwartz

Nevada State Treasurer