In keeping with the administration’s goals of being a good neighbor to the communities served and providing opportunities for economic growth, the Bureau of Land Management Ely District, Caliente Field Office on Monday, Dec. 18, held a public auction with the intent of selling one parcel of agency-administered land totaling 143.7 acres.

The lone bidder on the land, located about five miles northeast of Hiko, was the Hay and Cattle, LLC, of Lincoln County, Nev., owned by Mike Cannon, who bought the land for $145,000.

“It was a quick sale as no other bidders had applied,” said BLM Ely office reality specialist Susan Grande.

At the same time, two other parcels, both in Alamo, remained unsold for lack of interested buyers. One parcel is 12.2 acres, priced at $154,000, adjacent to Windmill Ridge, and a 10-acre parcel priced at $140,000, is adjacent to Cowboys Dream.

The sale was conducted in accordance with the Lincoln County Conservation, Recreation, and Development Act of 2004, complied with the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, and was in conformance with the Ely Resource Management Plan.

The Nevada State General Education Fund will receive five percent of the sale’s proceeds and Lincoln County will receive 10 percent. The BLM will receive 85 percent for archaeological resources, wilderness planning and natural resource protection, and recreation and other opportunities in Lincoln County.

Cory Lytle, Lincoln County Planning and Building Director, said the unsold parcels, which are near properties owned by the late Phyllis Frias of Las Vegas, were once thought of as being intended for purchase by Mrs. Frias. However, since her passing in 2016, the corporation that runs the two business “seems to not be interested in the additional acreage,” Lytle said.

More land sales by the BLM are hoped for in the spring, he said. “It will be in Round 3 and involves several hundred acres scattered around Alamo, Pioche, Caliente, and Panaca. The Round 3 environmental assessment is in the works right now and it should be completed within the next month or two. And then hopefully this spring we’ll see those other parcels again up for sale.”