CAPTION – Kristina Lloyd
Lincoln County High School junior Jordan Cameron takes drives during the Tri-State Holiday Invitational.

By Marinda Lamb

The Lynx traveled to Las Vegas for the Tri-State Holiday Invitational.

The first game was against Silverado. The boys hung with the 4a team the first quarter. Noah Smith scored the first two points. A jump ball made it possible for Elijah Harr to assist to Landen Smith for a layup. Smith knocked the ball away on defense, giving Harr the opportunity for another layup. The score at the end of the first was 11-16, Silverado. The first half Lincoln continued to play like that, scoring and working hard. Lynx are still with them in the second, but both teams played hard defense, keeping scoring low. Kamdon Lewis and Benson Wadsworth come off the bench and keep the ball on offense. Silverado takes off in the second half. Halfway through the third Lynx are down 14 points. Alex Vincent makes a crucial three. Soon after, Kobe Walker makes a deep two. The Lynx only scored 7 more points in the fourth. Jordan Cameron made a three. The final score was 64-27, Silverado.

Next, they played 5a team, Provo. Lynx were able to stay close. Walker hit a buzzer beater three at the end of the first. The score was 11-16, Provo. Noah Smith made a layup in the second, the only points from the Lynx this quarter. Provo almost doubled their score. In the third, Harr and Lewis kept Lynx on offense with a few steals. Mason Thornock came off the bench and drove for two points. Lynx scored more in the third and fourth but it was wasn’t enough to catch up. Freshman Kobe Kelley came in and worked hard on defense to steal the ball. The starters came back in to get a few more points before the game ended. The final score was 26-52, Provo.

The Lynx came out swinging against Gilbert Christian. Harr started the scoring with a jumper and then assisted to Walker for a three.  Noah Smith made some foul shots making the score 7-4 in the first few minutes. The scoring was slow with some good defensive, but picked up at the end of the first, tied at 13-13. Thornock, Cameron, and Wadsworth all came in to start the second and got the Lynx moving on defense. Wadsworth took a charge to get the ball back for Lincoln. The scoring stayed equal due to hard defense from the Lynx. They were down one point 26 to 27 at the half. Walker with another three ties the game again. Lincoln’s defense caused turnover after turnover making it hard for their opponents to score.  Noah Smith ties it up with a 10 foot jumper over Gilbert Christian’s 6’ 9” center. Lewis came in to tip the ball away on the defensive which turned into points for the Lynx.  A couple turnovers allowed Gilbert to pull nine points ahead. Lincoln made 7 points halfway through the fourth. Lincoln fouled, in order to stop the clock, pushing Gilbert ahead 43-57.

Virgin Valley was next. Lynx came out strong, keeping Bulldogs scoreless in the beginning. Virgin comes back hitting three after three. It was 19-4 coming into the second quarter. Vincent got the ball rolling for the Lynx with a layup. Lewis put in some free throws and defense from Kelley caused turnovers for Virgin. End of the second quarter the Lynx started to score more consistently, they were down 11 at the half. Steals from Vincent helped, but they couldn’t stop the Bulldogs from scoring. Lincoln’s down 13 in the fourth. Halfway through, the Lynx kicked it in gear with some crucial defensive and good scoring. Lynx fell short, 46-50.

Lincoln played 3a team, Sunrise Mountain. Landen Smith scored quickly and then an assist from Walker to Noah Smith added 4 points to the score right off the bat. Thornock came in with an assist to Walker for a three pointer. Lincoln’s press was effective, putting the Lynx up 9-2 halfway through the first. Lewis came in to get a few steals.  Vincent makes a three. The first quarter ends with Lynx in the lead 12-10. Sunrise pulls ahead in the second with a dunk, but that doesn’t seem to phase the Lynx. They get the ball right back with a block from Smith who then adds two points. Lynx fall behind 12 points at the half. Vincent and Harr start off the third causing turnovers for Sunrise and turning them into layups. Harr makes a three, gaining momentum for Lincoln. Walker hits a three to cut the 10 point gap down to 7. Lewis gets a rebound and a layup. Lynx are right behind Sunrise, 32-35. Vincent steals and makes a layup putting Lincoln down one point. He hits a three right after, and puts them up two points. Sunrise takes the lead, then Harr gets a steal and converts it to a layup. At the end of the third Lincoln is down 40-41.  Battling back and forth, Lincoln struggles to pull ahead. At the end of the forth the score is 51-54.

Noah Smith made the all-tournament team.