The Pahranagat Valley Fire District met Jan. 3. Ryan Rhodes, the ambulance coordinator, announced that the EMT class will be taking the practical exams on Jan. 6. He also mentioned doing a refresher course to renew EMT licenses in February for a couple people. Rhodes also gave the refresher course to the sheriff’s department. Rhodes informed the board that he had ordered a new KED device (a seated portable backboard), since a recent call used one during transport.

Roberta Park, the Emergency Management Chair, is performing an inventory on emergency supplies in regards to generators, stand-up lights, and other essential items for the district.

Rob Hansen inquired about the status on a grant for a third ambulance. Hansen will follow up on the grant. He also suggested a third choice to handle the department’s financials for budget and audit purposes. The three options will be given to the board to discuss in February’s meeting to make a decision.

The board approved one write-off from an ambulance run in July 2016 for $2,536 since the insurance can no longer be billed.

The district received generators and boots from the United We Stand grant and are going to receive two more turnouts.

The district received a letter stating there were violations in tax statutes and regulations in the audit. The department needs to write a response explaining how things will be fixed, including why the spending in capital outlays was over budget.

Board members were also reappointed. Lonny Walch, Roberta Park, Rob Hansen, Steve Meldrum, and Rick Higbee were all nominated and approved to be on the board again with Lonny Walch as chairman.

Lastly, a public comment was made that the district needs to come up with a better way to retain EMTs in the system through reimbursement or other methods so people will stay involved in the program. The board agreed, and this comment will be addressed in a future meeting with possible solutions.