The Lincoln County Coalition met on Jan. 23 at the Panaca Town Center. Nineteen community members and stakeholders came together to share information, coordinate, and discuss issues in the county. Here are the highlights.


Another free Legal Aid for Veterans event is scheduled. The last one was in Caliente at the Depot. This one is scheduled for March 8, in Pioche, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the new fire station and March 9, in Alamo at the senior center, also from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Licensed attorneys will be on hand to provide free legal services to veterans.

Details are soon to come on other veterans events being planned, one in the second quarter of this year, one possibly at the County Fair in August, and two events in the fourth quarter.

For more information, contact Linda Rollins at (775) 962-1304 or by email,

Emergency Preparedness

The Lincoln County Disaster Action Team (LCDAT) held training through the Red Cross on January 27 at the Panaca Town Center. This was the first part of the disaster training. The rest can be done online through If you are interested in being involved with this effort, contact Christy Blood at (775) 962-2865 or email

Blood and Heidi Whimple recently met to discuss getting more EMT volunteers. They plan to connect with Eric Holt, the new emergency manager on the subject. It was mentioned that Holt has some good ideas on how to address this issue.

Joelle Gutman, with Nevada Rural Hospital Partners, mentioned emergency services are a big issue in most rural counties due to difficulties with ambulances, EMT services, and a lack of volunteers. She said legislation addressing the issue statewide may be helpful.


West Care members Keenan Hart, Alexa Hart, and Darryl Hart were at the meeting. Their organization evaluates rural health community needs as well as builds relationships with stakeholders. They work with health coordinators and coalition directors across 17 counties, introducing technology to bring people together. They are working with Gutman with contracting with jails, putting devices in the jails, providing consultations, evaluations, and assessments. The goal of this effort is to provide a more efficient means of delivering healthcare services specifically tied to substance abuse and mental health. Their website is and their phone number is (702) 385-2090.

The next Rural Regional Behavioral Health Policy Board meeting will be in Elko on Feb. 27 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and arrangements are being made to teleconference the meeting into a Lincoln County location.

Elaine Zimmerman, the Lincoln County Grants Administrator, noted that the board gets one bill for the next legislative session and they are looking at policies to better behavioral health issues specific to the region.

The meeting will include a presentation by the attorney general, as well as a presentation by the Office of Statistics of the State Department of Behavioral Health about unique findings from the states, based on data from coalitions. Questions can be directed to Gutman at (775) 827-4770 or by email,

The NyE Communities Coalition is looking to offer a diabetes self-management class in Lincoln County. Eight people are needed to schedule the class. Those interested can reach out to Pam Welch at (775) 727-9970 or email,

Eating Smart

Eating Smart. Being Active will be held at the Caliente Senior Citizen Center. Classes start Wednesday, Feb. 7. Learn how to save money, eat healthy on a limited budget, and put more fruits, veggies, and whole grains into your diet. For more information or to sign up for this free program, contact the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension at (775) 726-3109 or (775) 962-1087. There is limited seating.

Panaca Senior Center

The Panaca Senior Center is still working to get more participation. The building is available to rent for events at $35 per day, with a refundable $25 cleaning deposit. They would also like to start a lunch program there, but need enough people to sign up. Those wishing to get involved may contact Irvin Wright at (775) 728-4662 or email

Constitution Study Group

The Constitution Study Group is starting up again. Classes run the first and third Tuesday of every month, at 7 p.m. at Keith Pearson’s home. Everyone is welcome to every class. Call (775) 962-1407 for info.

Volunteers Needing Work

Part of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program is giving participants volunteer opportunities. Those who may have a service project available can coordinate with Irvin Wright at (775) 728-4662 or email

Mental Health

A mobile crisis hotline started six months ago where youth in mental or emotional distress can call after hours to get help. This hotline can now be accessed by calling Lincoln Counseling and Supportive Services office directly at any time. That number is (775) 962-8089.

A Mental Health First Aid class for the county is in the works. The class teaches adults how to handle youth mental health situations. The class will be the first of three held in Lincoln County this year. There is also a class on dealing with mental health situations among adults which can be arranged for those interested. Contact Janie Rippetoe for more info at (775) 962-8089 or email


Professional photography and video for the new mountain bike trails has been completed; those pictures will be owned by the Lincoln County Authority of Tourism (LCAT) but will be made available for marketing purposes. LCAT is also initiating a photo festival and a drone event this year. The group plans to produce and distribute in-county tourism material and is planning infrastructure improvements associated with the improved bike trails. Questions on LCAT can go to Marcia Hurd at (775) 726-3665 or email

Youth Events

The NyECC has $400 available for a youth event which must happen before April. It has to be promoted as alcohol, tobacco, and drug free, and also must be advertised as such. The Caliente Community United Methodist Church is interested in being involved and the suggestion was made to do an event after junior/senior prom. Those interested in being involved in this event can contact Ben Rowley at (775) 962-2461 or email

The sheriff’s office is doing two “Now You’re 18” events for high school seniors that provide guidance on how the law changes once a kid turns 18. The first one is coming up in March. The seniors will get lunch and hear talks from the sheriff’s office, district attorney, and an inmate. They will also go to the coroner’s office in Las Vegas and Nevada Highway Patrol HQ. The second event will be closer to the end of year. Questions on this can go to the sheriff’s office at (775) 962-8080 or email

Drug Free Communities

The remainder of the meeting was dedicated to the Drug-Free Communities grant, which provides up to $125k/ year for up to 10 years. The coalition has already spent 10 months spent preparing to apply for it. The grant is funded through the National Drug Control Policy, the Department of Health and Human Services, and a few other federal departments. The two goals are:

• To establish and strengthen collaboration among communities, public and private nonprofit agencies, federal, state, local, and tribal governments to support the efforts of community coalitions working to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth.

• To reduce substance abuse among youth and adults by addressing the factors in the community that increase the risk of substance abuse and promoting the factors that minimize the risk.

The grant will require hiring one full-time person and one part-time person to administer the program. The next two and a half months will be the application process. The coalition needs to come up with an action plan on issues that lead to substance abuse in the community and avenues to prevent it.

The coalition will find out at the end of September whether the funding has been received.