Dave Maxwell
As of March 13, R Place at Ash Springs is now Green Valley Grocery.

The Reed family, from Ely, has owned the R Place Shell Station at Ash Springs since 1983. However, as of midnight, March 13, Reed Incorporated has sold the business to Green Valley Grocery of Las Vegas.

Company president Bryan Reed is beginning to downsize the business, given that he is “looking at retirement sometime in the not-too-distant future.”

He further added that, “My sisters and I are partners, but our children have not really had a lot of interest in keeping the Ash Springs store. We have now sold two locations, one in Wendover and the one here in Ash Springs. We still have three stores in Ely and one in Elko.”

R Place also has Subway franchises with Reed Incorporated, one in Ely and four in Elko.

Chris and R.L. Haslem managed R Place at Ash Springs together until R.L’s death in 2005. His son, Rogan, took over later, and Chris retired in 2017.

In bidding goodbye to the store, Reed said he “really appreciated the Haslems and all the employees we’ve had here, the local customers, and all who have supported the business over the past 35 years.”

The new owner, Green Valley Grocery, also affiliated with Shell Oil, has over 50 stores in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, along with stores in Mesquite, Pahrump, and Logandale.

Green Valley Grocery’s chairman and founder Richard Crawford said, “I have driven up U.S. 93 many, many times since 1971 and was familiar with the store even before the Reeds bought it. About a year ago, Bryan gave me a call and we talked about the possibility of our purchasing the store and we worked out a deal. I always thought this would be a prime location, just as it has been for the Reed family.”

Green Valley president David Crawford said he used to visit the store with his parents. “Later, as an adult, when I came up this way to go duck hunting, I would often stop in at three or four in the morning.”

Green Valley Grocery will continue to be the only 24/7 store in Lincoln County.

Crawford commented that Green Valley likes to be involved in the community. “We like to get involved in youth sports, boys and girls, all ages. We are also an authorized sponsor of the Vegas Golden Knights NHL hockey team.”

According to Crawford, most of the products in the store are expected to remain, as they have “many of the same suppliers.”

However, some changes will be made to the store both inside and outside. “A general contractor is drawing up some plans to modernize the RV sites and hookups, and possibly doing some pavement work.”

He noted that some remodeling inside the store “likely will involve improvements to the restrooms, maybe expanding the walk-in cooler and freezer section, and some in the convenience store section.”

A new fuel sign will also be placed on the gas island canopy, but it will still be a Shell station.

The current staff at the store is expected to remain intact.