Collin Anderson
Local kids had a great time during the Pioche Chamber of Commerce’s Nerf War fundraiser.

On Monday, the Pioche Chamber of Commerce held a Nerf war fundraiser at the Pioche Town Hall.

The event was planned and orchestrated with the help of a few members of the community, as well as extensive help from the Overland Hotel. The purpose of the event was to provide the youth of the county with something fun to do during the first day of spring break, and the school district helped promote the event through flyers or during their morning announcements.

The Nerf war was attended by at least eighteen children, ranging from late-elementary school age to late-middle school age. These foam-flinging warriors were able to make use of either their own blasters or those provided by the people in charge of the event (for a $5 rental fee with a $5 deposit). While the games were limited to just capture the flag, the area provided by the town hall was sufficient to keep the kids on their toes for the hour-long event. While the event had, in fact, been originally planned for three hours, the children were still able to engage in six different battles that left the kids exhausted but happy. Many of those blaster wielding kids said that they were more than willing to go all three hours, and it was asked of those in charge when the next event would be.

Overall, the Nerf war was determined to be a success, pulling in a considerable amount of donations and rental fees to help fund other Chamber of Commerce projects. While the people in charge of the event are still recovering from the Pioche war, they are more than willing to set-up another event, much like this one, for anyone that’s interested.