Author: Ben Rowley

Reflections on Memorial Day

I go through daily life and sometimes don’t even remember we’re in a war. That may be by design by our government and military, but it shouldn’t be that way. I think we should see the names and faces of every person who has sacrificed their lives for our country.

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The steps to professional success

Take a deep breath and stop worrying. Don’t let words like foreclosure, budget cuts, and downsizing make you fear. Never mind that you are wondering where the paychecks will come from and how long they will last.

I have the four steps to professional success. They are based on my own experience and choices, which, I must say, are without flaw. Be ready to be blown away.

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Lincoln County Talk: Episode 1

County Commissioner Ed Higbee joins Ben Rowley to discuss a variety of topics, including future development in Lincoln County, agriculture, cooperation among commissioners, Toquop, and much more.

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What we should look like when we’re all grown up

In many ways, we have a community that is completely grown up, centered in a family-first lifestyle. It is full of folks who have their priorities straight and know what life is really about. But in terms of our economy, infrastructure, architecture, and population, we’re just pups. But that may soon change.

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