Author: Star Corley Corley

Panaca Town Board News

The March 13 Panaca Town Board Meeting was a short one. Chairman Tyler Free was not present at the beginning of the meeting so Mike R. Anderson took the chair. Short a few dollars to pay all bills, an agreement was reached to...

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Panaca town board news

At the Feb. 13 Panaca Town Board Meeting, Rick Stever, Lincoln County Emergency Management, addressed the board. He asked how the community was doing after the incident last summer – referring to the bomb explosions. He...

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Pioche town board news

The Pioche Town Board meeting held on Valentine’s Day opened still shy one member. Chair Phyllis Robistow informed board members that the county commissioners have removed the review of new board members from their agenda,...

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Robistow Elected Pioche Chair

With all current board members present, the Jan. 10 Pioche Town Board meeting opened with John Christian as chair. A packet containing previously requested reports and correspondence was in front of each board member. From time...

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