State History: Stagecoach Travel in Nevada

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), traveled by stagecoach across the Territory of Nevada in 1860 with his brother, Orion. At that time, the most convenient method of traveling any long distance was either by stagecoach, or by horseback. Twain wrote about … [Read more...]

History: Hail the Mule!

Many Old West historians like to tell the story of the tenderfoot who objected to riding a mule down an almost perpendicular cliff. “Don’t worry none,” said an old timer, “that mule thinks too much of itself to fall and break its neck.” Even in the … [Read more...]

History: Early Life in Lincoln County

Panaca was established in 1864. Henry Sharp came to the Pahranagat Valley in 1865, and Pioche and Delamar were started in the 1870s. Three or four generations back or more, the ancestors of many who live in Lincoln County today did not have nearly … [Read more...]

Confederate Lincoln County

Nevada is only on the Colorado River because Arizona had sided with the Confederacy during the Civil War. And prior to gaining statehood on the Union side in 1864, part of present day Lincoln County was once in the Confederacy. Until 1909, Lincoln … [Read more...]

A tour of old Pioche

Lincoln County residents are familiar with the Million Dollar Courthouse and the Thompson Opera House in Pioche, but how familiar are you with some of the other historic buildings in the mountain side town once called the “Toughest town in the W … [Read more...]

Hank Monk: A stage driver to get you there on time

Very few images define the spirit of the Old West more than a colorful picture of a stage coach dashing through the spectacular scenery of the western mountains drawn by a team of four or six beautiful horses. For very good reason, this image has … [Read more...]

Nevada History: Riding along with the Slim Princess

By 1880, the owners of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad had become so successful that they decided to pursue another venture to tap into the new mining districts developing in the south central part of Nevada. The idea was to construct a new … [Read more...]

LC History: Curious Madame Cadue

When “Dutch” George Lambert escaped from the jail at the Lincoln County Courthouse (the Million Dollar Courthouse), in Pioche on August 14, 1874, a woman known as Madame Cadue went with him. Maybe by his invitation, maybe not. Nevertheless, she took t … [Read more...]

Million Dollar Courthouse Jail, Maybe Not so Secure

The present day Lincoln County Detention Center is a fine facility. Not perfect, but a fine facility. Most people know much of the story of the historic Million Dollar Courthouse in Pioche, about the continual cost overruns that just kept … [Read more...]

Chinese Immigrants Settled in Pioche in the 1870s

Pioche, Nevada was a mining town. Rough and ready it was. Ready for a fight, and gunfights happened regularly in front of businesses that sit on the steep hills of Main Street. Pioche in its earliest days was equal to any others that could be … [Read more...]

Horse thieves in the 1800s

There is a place in Lincoln County, northeast of Pioche about 19 miles, on State Route 322, named Horsethief Gulch. It’s the campground at Spring Valley State Park. Just how the name came to be is anybody’s guess. Certainly some sort of such activity … [Read more...]

Winter sledding in Pioche

Winter sledding has been popular for a long time, even back into ancient times in some climates with snowy weather, and back in the early days of the Great Depression around Pioche, Nevada, 1931 for example, it was just as popular as it ever was, mayb … [Read more...]

Cornstarch and whiskey

Many hard rock miners came to the town of Delamar in the mountains ofeastern Lincoln Country in the late 1890’s. Ed Dula was one of those. He and his wife built a small cabin, like many others, out of the native local rock. Some of these homes could s … [Read more...]

Outlaws captured in Panaca

Henry Lee, an early Panaca pioneer, tells of a story when he was involved in rounding up some suspected burglars who had come up from the Moapa Valley area. His story is recounted in the 1966 book A Century in Meadow Valley. Lee says in April, 191 … [Read more...]

The 1900 Delamar fire

Mining towns, like most any town in the early days of the west were built of wood, canvas and native rock. Such towns were highly vulnerable to fire. The drying effects of the hot weather in Nevada mining towns in particular meant fire could strike at … [Read more...]

Boot Hill in Pioche

During the 19th century, it was common for towns in the Old West to have a cemetery called Boot Hill. Pioche, Nevada did, and it can still be seen. It is located on Comstock Road, past the IOOF and Masonic cemetery, then past the public cemetery to … [Read more...]

Lincoln County History: Watered Milk

By the late 1870s the rough and tumble mining town of Pioche had emerged as a city of considerable importance because of it’s population of around 5,000 and the abundance of the rich silver mines. Trees were even planted along Main Street, and d … [Read more...]

Lincoln County History: Halloween 100 Years Ago

To most all of us Halloween seems like it has happened forever, but as with many traditions, it just isn’t so. Halloween is a day for kids. Nearly everyone living today, under the age of 90 anyway, has probably grown up with this tradition. It’s th … [Read more...]