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Snack Master

Anyone that knows me well knows that I am always fighting the battle of the bulge, and the double chin and the bat wings of upper arms and the muffin top which in my case is more of a baker’s dozen of muffins! It’s okay that I...

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My Nose Has Grown

Apparently my nose, over the years, has grown. This is something I did not know. I thought my nose was cute and perky and turned up a bit on the end. But a friend of mine has recently said to me that over the years my nose has...

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Is this You? When It Rains

I’m going to bet that when you read the title, “When It Rains,” you will think the next line is, “It Pours.” Thus concluding that today I am going to discuss the ins and outs of Murphy’s Law. But that isn’t the case. No I want...

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Is this You? – Beginnings

Beginnings Beginnings are very exciting. Unless of course it is the beginning of the end. But I have skipped to the end. Let’s start at the beginning shall we? Again, beginnings are very exciting. The beginning of life whenever...

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