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Advertising with The Lincoln County Record means placing your organization in the ultimate resource for the Lincoln County Nevada community. This weekly publication provides the latest on local government, high school sports, event coverage and much more. Our focus is engaging residents with the information that affects their lives. We strive to be everywhere our community turns for news and information. This includes the printed paper, the quarterly Lincoln County Magazine, other special sections, and through our website and social media outlets.

The businesses and organizations that serve this community are an essential part of the fabric of our society. We endeavor to provide the most effective means for reaching the people of Lincoln County through advertising. Our offerings include display and classified ads, sponsorship of sections like news and sports and digital advertising. Plans are available that place your ads both in the paper and on the web, and significant discounts are offered for long-term advertisers.

To learn more about advertising opportunities, call (775) 725-3232.
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The Lincoln County Record is read by most of the 5,000-plus residents of Lincoln County, plus the paper is mailed to hundreds of out-of-county residents each week. Lincoln County Magazine is distributed quarterly at local retail outlets. Hundreds of copies are given away for free to the community and visitors. Additionally, receives thousands of visitors and page views each month, and the newspaper has over 1,000 followers on social media. The Lincoln County Record is the way to reach the Lincoln County, Nevada community.

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The Lincoln County Record newspaper has been providing important news and information to this community since 1870. In addition to hundreds of mail subscribers, the paper is distributed at retail outlets throughout the county. A wide range of advertising options are available, including classifieds, service directory and display ads.

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Lincoln County Magazine is a quarterly publication providing a higher-level view of important county topics. This includes an overview of local events and attractions, in-depth looks at local government and industry, community profiles and more. The magazine is printed on high-quality gloss paper, with an emphasis placed on attractive design and high-resolution imagery. Advertising here will make your organization shine.

Website & Social Media

The website is Lincoln County’s digital pioneer, being the first website to offer a community calendar that incorporates all local events, including government, school, church, state parks and much more. The website also publishes content from each week’s newspaper. As residents continue turning more to the Internet for local information, be assured that will always be a top destination. Advertising opportunities include sponsorship of the news, sports and calendar sections, business directory and a variety of display advertising.

To learn more about, give us a call at (775) 725-3232.

Combo Plans

Five different combo plans are offered that place advertising on the newspaper, website and in social media. These plans provide significant discounts across the board. This always your organization to be everywhere our readers are at an affordable price.

To discuss combo plans, call (775) 725-3232.

Long-term Discounts

The Lincoln County Record takes very good care of our long-term advertisers. We want to build a valuable relationship that allows your organization to thrive in this area and continually connect with our readers. Incredible discounts are included with long-term commitments.

To discuss a long-term advertising solution, call (775) 725-3232.