Mountain Bike Trails Advancing

Construction of the mountain bike trails around the City of Caliente continues. BLM Ely District Caliente Field Manager Chris Carlton and Andrew Porter of Kershaw-Ryan State Park told County Commissioners that the American Conservation Experience … [Read more...]

Funding Obtained for First Two Phases of Mountain Bike Trails

Kershaw-Ryan State Park Ranger Andrew Porter reported at the Lincoln Communities Action Team meeting last month that funding for Phase I and II of the mountain bike trails has been obtained. Porter said now he is putting out a request for proposal … [Read more...]

Mountain bike trails planned in Caliente

Plan for mountain bike trails, starting in Caliente and going in the mountains around town and into the northern parts Lincoln County, are progressing. BLM Ely District Caliente Field Office manager Victoria Barr said the BLM met with the … [Read more...]