Pioche Town Board News

By Collin Anderson This past Tuesday, the town board of Pioche held its monthly meeting. After the regular business, including the payment of bills, and public comment, the town board received the financial report. After this piece of business, … [Read more...]

Pioche Town Board News

By Collin Anderson On Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, the Pioche town board was able to meet to discuss the issues facing its hillside community. Once the entire board was in attendance, the meeting started with public comment, of which there was only … [Read more...]

Pioche Town Board News

By Collin Anderson On Sept. 12, the Pioche Town Board was able to meet to discuss the needs of their town, beginning with some public comments. They first heard from Peggy Decker, who was hoping that the town board would assist in saving the … [Read more...]

Pioche Town Board discusses merging utilities

A special Pioche Town Meeting was held the morning of April 24 at the Town Hall mainly to discuss potential presentations to the citizens of Pioche concerning the options available for the Pioche Public Utilities. The board is wrestling with a … [Read more...]

Robistow Elected Pioche Chair

With all current board members present, the Jan. 10 Pioche Town Board meeting opened with John Christian as chair. A packet containing previously requested reports and correspondence was in front of each board member. From time to time the chair … [Read more...]

Pioche Town Board meeting held

There were some interesting topics discussed at the Pioche Town Board meeting held at the Town Hall on Tues- day. The members on the board consisted of John Christian, Cindy Free, Glennon Zelch, Phyllis Robistow and Tom Brown. There were also sev … [Read more...]

Pioche utilities employees seeking increase in pay

The Pioche Town Board will recommend to the county commission board at the Sept. 7 meeting giving the Pioche Public Utilities full-time employees a three percent cost of living increase. It’s been eight years for some employees, stated utilities m … [Read more...]

Pioche considering raising tax rates

At the Pioche Town Board meeting Feb. 10, Town Board members and the Pioche Public Utilities managers looked intensely at the budget for the Town of Pioche. Nathan Adams, PPU manager, was tasked with exploring ways to cut the budget. He said a … [Read more...]

Pioche Town Board names new chairman

The Town of Pioche nominated John Christian as the new Town Board chairman at the Jan. 13 meeting. Cindy Free was nominated as the vice chair. Jumping right into business, the town reviewed a subject of much debate, the Pioche Town Pool. Board … [Read more...]

Pioche approves SCADA software

On March 11, Pioche Town Board met with Patrick Bendall from Sunrise Engineering to approve implementing a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system for the town of Pioche. The software application allows for process control, obtaining data … [Read more...]

Airport Road controversy continues

Controversy continues over Frenchie Road in Pioche. Some people are in favor of the placing of stop signs on Airport Road, and closing off the intersection at Frenchie Road, others are not pleased with the manner in which the closure was done and … [Read more...]